Source code for finalynx.portfolio.bucket

import itertools
from typing import Any
from typing import Dict
from typing import List
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

import numpy as np

from .line import Line

    from .envelope import Envelope

[docs]class Bucket: """ Holds a list of `Line` objects to represent a group of investments that hold the same purpose. Once defined with a list of lines, there is nothing else to do from a user perspective. The user can reference this bucket instance in as many `SharedFolder` instances in the portfolio tree as desired. Each folder will only user the specified `target_amount` in each folder instance, and the bucket will generate a new list of liens for this folder with only the specified amount, while keeping track of what has been already used. """ def __init__(self, name: str, lines: List["Line"]): """:param name: Name for the bucket used to display it and export it to JSON. :param lines: List of `Line` instances that will be shared with all `SharedFolder` objects that use this `Bucket`. """ = name self.lines = [] if lines is None else lines self._prev_amount_used: float = 0 self.amount_used: float = 0
[docs] def get_max_amount(self) -> float: """:returns: The total amount contained in this bucket.""" return float(np.sum([line.get_amount() for line in self.lines]))
[docs] def _get_cumulative_index(self, target: float) -> Dict[str, Any]: """:returns: A dictionary containing the Line index where the cumulative sum meets, and the remainder amount not used in this line.""" result = {"index": -1, "remainder": 0.0} amounts = [line.get_amount() for line in self.lines] cumulative_sum = list(itertools.accumulate(amounts)) for i, item in enumerate(cumulative_sum): if item >= target: result["index"] = i result["remainder"] = target - (cumulative_sum[i - 1] if i != 0 else 0) return result return result
[docs] def get_lines(self) -> List["Line"]: """:returns: A copy of the `Bucket`'s lines between the two previous `use_amount()` calls.""" result_prev = self._get_cumulative_index(self._prev_amount_used) result = self._get_cumulative_index(self.amount_used) sublines = [] if result["index"] == result_prev["index"]: new_line = self.lines[result["index"]].copy() new_line.amount = result["remainder"] - result_prev["remainder"] sublines.append(new_line) else: line1 = self.lines[result_prev["index"]].copy() line1.amount = line1.amount - result_prev["remainder"] sublines.append(line1) for i in range(result_prev["index"] + 1, result["index"]): sublines.append(self.lines[i].copy()) line2 = self.lines[result["index"]].copy() line2.amount = result["remainder"] sublines.append(line2) return sublines
[docs] def use_amount(self, amount: float) -> List["Line"]: """Ask to consume the specified amount from the bucket. :returns: A list of copies of the used Lines with their respective used amounts. Next time this method is called, the bucket will start from the cumulative amount used so far.""" self._prev_amount_used = self.amount_used self.amount_used = min(self.get_max_amount(), self.amount_used + amount) return self.get_lines()
[docs] def get_used_amount(self) -> float: """:return: The total amount used from the bucket until now.""" return self.amount_used
[docs] def add_amount(self, amount: float) -> None: """Add or remove an amount to the bucket's lines. This can be used to dynamically change the bucket's total amount, e.g. to apply recommendations from Finalynx during the simulation""" # If the amount is positive, add the amount to the last line in the bucket if amount > 0: if not self.lines: raise ValueError("Cannot add amount to an empty bucket.") self.lines[-1].amount += amount # If the amount is negative, remove successively from each line else: amount *= -1 removed_amount = 0.0 for line in reversed(self.lines): remaining_amount = amount - removed_amount if line.amount >= remaining_amount: line.amount -= remaining_amount return else: removed_amount += line.amount line.amount = 0 raise ValueError("Attempted to remove too much from the bucket.")
[docs] def reset(self) -> None: """Go back to a state where no amount was used.""" self._prev_amount_used = 0 self.amount_used = 0
[docs] def to_dict(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: return { "name":, "lines": [line.to_dict() for line in self.lines], }
[docs] @staticmethod def from_dict(dict: Dict[str, Any], envelopes: Dict[str, "Envelope"]) -> "Bucket": return Bucket(dict["name"], [Line.from_dict(line, envelopes) for line in dict["lines"]])