This subpackage has a dedicated milestone in the development steps.

This is the core subpackage of Finalynx. It defines the Portfolio tree, folders and line objects, targets, and buckets for each node in the tree.

Here is a quick help to navigate this subpackage:

  • Hierarchy is the base abstract class for classes that hold references to their parents (Node and Target classes).

    • Node is an abstract class to define a level in the tree that adds a name and target. It has the following subclasses:

      • Line represents a single investment line in your Finary account. It adds an amount which is fetched from Finary.

      • Folder adds a list of children and additional rendering logic to generate the console output.

        • SharedFolder takes a single Bucket as input and uses its superclass’ list of children to hold the lines from the bucket. It adds a target amount that defines how much to take from the bucket before letting the other shared folders use what’s left.

        • Portfolio is nothing more than a simple renaming of Folder for user clarity.

  • Bucket is a list of Line objects with additional logic to let shared folders use a portion of the total amount.

  • Target is an abstract class that defines a common logic and console rendering for all subclasses. Checkout the submodule to see which targets are available.


constants is not used for now, but may soon be the basis of future Envelope objects.