🔧 Installation

Quick start

If you don’t plan on touching the code, simply run (with python >=3.10 and pip installed):

pip install finalynx  # run again with --upgrade to update

And you’re done! Now create your own copy of the demo.py example file anywhere and run it to make sure everything works. You can now customize it for your own needs 🚀


Pro Tip 💡: Why not setup a script to autorun your config in a new terminal on startup? Could be a nice view 🤭

Detailed instructions

If you need a bit more details, here is a summary of all commands to need to run to make Finalynx work with a basic configuration. First, make sure you have a recent Python version (must be 3.10 or above) by running:

python3 --version  # Must be >=3.10


Note: If you have any questions or difficulty, please open an issue, we’ll be happy to help, teach, and learn together! No matter the level, there are no dumb questions right? 🤝

There are two options to install Finalynx:

  1. Install using pip (beginner-friendly): open a new terminal and paste the contents of the demo.py example file in any folder, like Documents for example:

# Automatically install finalynx globally, lets you use `from finalynx import *`
pip3 install finalynx

# Make sure you use any folder outside system files, like your home directory
cd somewhere/like/Documents

# Create your configuration file and paste the contents of the `demo.py` example
touch assistant_config.py

# Run your configuration file to make sure everything works, then customize it!
python3 assistant_config.py
  1. Install using git clone: lets you modify the code yourself, contribute to this project, and get the latest code to avoid waiting for new releases:

# Choose any folder to download Finalynx's code, must be outside of system folders
cd somewhere/like/Documents/

# Download the code as a git repository (easy to update)
git clone https://github.com/MadeInPierre/finalynx.git

# Go inside the newly downloaded project
cd finalynx

# Install all project dependencies
pip3 install poetry && poetry check && poetry install

# Install the project globally, -e means you can change the code without reinstalling
pip3 install -e .

# Try out the demo example to make sure everything works
python3 examples/demo.py

# Create your own copy of the demo, this will be your personal config
cp examples/demo.py assistant_config.py

# Customize your config now to create your own portfolio!
python3 assistant_config.py # use --help to see customizable options


Want to help this project grow? Checkout the contribution guidelines to learn how to install this project in development mode and agree on common conventions 🧑‍💻